Garbage BagsReconditioned Barrels / Drum Supplier and Dealer

The company has expertise of more than 30 years in reconditioning of MS & HMHDPE Barrels.The Company has advanced technologies and machineries to make barrels. The Production capacity of the plant is 25000 nos/month. Our drum reconditioning plants at Vapi produces drums equivalent to new quality.


  • GPCB Authorized & Valid Consent to procure Drums & Plastic Containers from various industry.
  • PCC Authorized Consent of Decontamination of Barrel.
  • Inspection at the time of purchase ensures that only drums fit for reconditioning are processed
  • Technical measures to remove dents and internal cleaning
  • 100% leak proof
  • Externally spray painted and screen printed
  • Large stocks of Close Mouth, Open Mouth, G.I,HMHDPE and Composite Barrels.