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5 Reasons You Need a Waste Management Company For Your Manufacturing Business

5 Reasons to Hire a Waste Management Company

Date : 22nd Nov 2022

5 Reasons You Need a Waste Management Company For Your Manufacturing Business

According to the ministry of environment, India generates 62 million tons of waste including recyclable and non-recyclable waste. For any manufacturing organization, whether it is MSME or an MNC, it is crucial to have a consistent waste management solution across a year. Each manufacturing unit is also required to comply with EPR procedures. You may not have the expertise or means to do it right. The ramification of non-compliance may also result in the cancellation of a license and hefty penalties. To save your company from the hassle, we would advise you to hire a professional waste management company. You can look for MYNS in Vapi for managing your waste and following EPR compliance. We provide end-to-end waste management services based on the principles of the circular economy. We have been a leading waste management company in Vapi since 1980. We are also a GPCB-approved plastic waste recycler in India.

Below are the five benefits of hiring a waste management company for your company. 

Efficient Waste Management Solution

Managing hazardous waste is both risky and needs special training. An in-house plastic waste management team is an alternative, however, managing and training the team is a difficult aspect. Therefore, we recommend hiring a professional waste management company with qualified technicians and a fleet of vehicles for hazardous waste collection.

EPR Compliances

The respective state governments in India have implied manufacturers and producers the responsibility to get rid of post-consumer waste. This compliance is known as EPR - Extended Producer Responsibility. Primarily, the government has two motives, First - protecting the environment by preventing landfilled waste. Secondly, environmentally friendly products must be designed and recycled. However, filing an EPR is a lengthy process. From registration to CPCB, submitting relevant forms, collecting the waste from the desired location to disposing of it in accordance with CPCB guidelines, an experienced and professional waste management company can handle all these tasks with precision and under given deadlines.


The advantage of hiring a waste management company instead of having an in-house team is that you won't have to pay penalties if you don't meet deadlines for compliance. Moreover, an efficient agency may win you rewards due to their knowledge and skills.

Saving Company’s Reputation 

As a company when you take responsibility for disposing or recycling the waste in an ethical and safe manner, your efforts contribute to recovering the environment's health from consuming and dumping culture. The more you put effort The more you recycle, the better your reputation as an environmentally friendly company becomes.


As a business enterprise, you already have your hands full with other operating activities, it is extremely convenient to outsource such complex proceedings to an expert. Or a veteran who understands the norms, rules, and other compliance-related information. Moreover, they have the right resources in terms of a skilled workforce, infrastructure, required technology, and expertise to process hazardous waste. Therefore manage your time and resources in a productive way and outsource collection and recycling to an established waste management company.

Why Should You Choose MYNS As Your Waste Management Company?

Mohammed Yunus & Sons is one of the leading GPCB Approved Plastic Waste Recyclers in Gujarat. We are a 360-degree waste management company in Vapi. Starting with waste collection and sorting, we use a variety of specialized tools to process the waste and produce recycled products. A recycled item is then sold to an industry that needs it.

Our trained workforce, cutting-edge technology like multi-effect evaporator system(MEE), and state-of-the-art infrastructure are the reasons behind being crowned as The Best Waste Management Company in Vapi, Gujarat.