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Reconditioned Barrels and Drums Dealer in Gujarat

Reconditioned, Used, Second Hand Barrels & Drums in Gujarat

We Sell Reconditioned, Used, Second Hand Barrels & Drums in Gujarat

The MYNS has the expertise of more than 30 years in reconditioning MS & HMHDPE Barrels. The Company has advanced technologies and machinery to make barrels. The Production capacity of the plant is 25000 nos/month.

Our drum reconditioning plants at Gujarat produces drums equivalent to new quality. We are a GPCB Approved Waste Management Company providing various reconditioning services.

Reconditioned Barrel Supplier in Gujarat

Reconditioned Barrel Supplier in Gujarat

MYNS is a GPCB-authorized Reconditioned Barrel Dealer in India, we are involved in supplying premium quality reconditioning barrels. These second-hand or used barrels are safe for storing hazardous chemicals or waste. The leak-proof barrels are useful in carrying any kind of liquid contents.

Our state-of-art decontamination facility is capable of reconditioning more than 25000 barrels a month. In our facility, We thoroughly clean every barrel from the inside and remove the dents to make sure its functions are as good as new.

We offer open and closed-mouth barrels in the largest capacity, which helps our customers save more than 30%. We have a diverse range of reconditioned barrels available in various colors like Blue, Black, Green, and Natural/Metallic in the capacity of 50-100 liters, 0-50 liters, 200-250 liters. We also recycle large quantity of metal scrap and plastic scrap

Reconditioned Drums Supplier in Gujarat

Reconditioned Drums Supplier in Gujarat

In MYNS, we provide reconditioned Mild Steel & HDPE Plastic Drums that are second-hand yet in good condition. At our massive decontamination facility, we strictly adhere to the norms of GPCB and CPCB, therefore we carefully clean, decontaminate, and purify the used drums. We aim to provide highly durable industrial plastic & Steel drums that can store hazardous chemicals or liquids without any leaking. The Range of drums we provide is as follows.

Used & Reconditioned IBC Tank - 1000 Ltr Capacity in Gujarat

Used & Reconditioned IBC Tank - 1000 Ltr Capacity in Gujarat

As GPCB Approved Waste Recyclers, we are also engaged in supplying one-time used bulk Containers (IBC) with plastic pallets. The IBC tank is in good working condition. These IBC tanks are thoroughly cleaned for further use. IBCs consist of a protective metal frame surrounding a blow-molded inner bottle and are mounted on the pallet.

Why Choose Myns as your Waste Management Company in Gujarat ?

Contaminated Waste as a by-product is prevalent in many industries. You need a reliable waste management solution. As a GPCB Approved Plastic Waste Management Company,we offer an umbrella of services to our clients.

  • EPR Authorization from CPCB
  • GPCB Approved Plastic Waste Recyclers
  • Affordable Rates
  • End To End Waste Management Services
  • Fleet Of Vehicles For Waste Collection
  • Recycling Facilities Of Immense Size
  • Well-Trained Workforce
  • Quick Settlements
  • Expertise In Dealing With Hazardous Materials