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Our Services

At Mohammed Yunus & Sons, we operate with efficiency. We employ economies of scale to maximize the return for our customers. We have the size, the equipment, and the expertise to cater to countless needs, from specialized equipment to customized processing and packaging we can fulfill our customers' requirements. Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and thus believes in providing quality products to our clients.

It all starts with waste collection. We maintain an extensive network that includes the following stakeholders.

  • Industrial manufacturing plants
  • Government auctions
  • Scrap dealers
  • Recycling centers
  • Demolition centers
  • Printers
  • Other recyclable material-producing venues

We primarily offer the following services

Hazardous Waste Decontamination Service Provider

As a GPCB-approved Hazardous Waste Management Company, we have an elaborate decontamination facility for barrels and IBC tanks. Our decontamination process is in accordance with the guidelines provided by Gujarat Pollution Control Board. We are also a prominent contaminated drums buyers in ahmedabad, mumbai and vapi

  • Transportation:
    • We have permission from the board to carry out the drums in our fleet of vehicles to ensure no leakage or waste.
    • We carry out transportation in easily trackable GPS-mounted vehicles.
    • The “HAZARDOUS WASTE” term is displayed on all sides of the vehicle during transportation.
  • Segregation & Storage And Testing Of Contaminated Drums:
    • We segregate & store waste based on its type and category.
    • We categorize and store flammable, ignitable, reactive, and non-compatible wastes separately.
    • We strictly adhere to the compatibility test of contaminated containers before conducting any cleaning activity.
    • A well-trained and experienced staff supervises the loading and unloading of hazardous waste.
    • Our facility consists of multiple sheds storing different sheds for storing different kinds.
    • We have adequate firefighting systems in place to safeguard the storage area.
    • We have cutting-edge equipment like a multi-effect evaporator system(MEE).
  • The Process of Decontamination
    • The entire decontamination process is carried out through permissible methods such as hot water, steam, detergent, or solvent, based on the nature of the contamination.
    • We go through two stages of cleaning
      1. Chemical cleaning using detergent or surfactants.
      2. Freshwater cleaning with a proper nozzle arrangement.
      3. We use bentonite or other effective absorbents for barrels or drums which are contaminated with hazardous chemicals.
      4. We provide self or third-party certification for decontaminated drums, containers, and barrels.
  • Safety Measures
    • On account of safety, we conduct safety audits at regular intervals.
    • Our Storage sites have adequate & prompt emergency response equipment systems for the hazardous waste stored on-site.
    • Necessary safety precautions for risk assessment, spill management, evacuation, and first aid.
    • For workers' safety, they have access to PPEs and are provided regular training regarding EHS, safety, and operation.

Decontamination of Plastic Bags

We provide decontamination of plastic bags and their recycling across various industries. We provide recycled plastic bags to industries for their hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal needs.

  • Process of Decontaminating & Recycling of Plastic Bags
    • Collection
    • Sorting at the facility
    • Bundling
    • Crushing
    • Washing
    • Cutting into small pieces
    • Converting into pellets
    • Mixing with other material
    • Recycled Plastic Bags for End Use

CPCB Approved EPR Services

A key objective of EPR is to hold manufacturers accountable for their increased carbon footprint and reduce the burden on the local governments for managing post-consumer waste. Now under Extended Producer Responsibility, the manufacturers have both financial and physical responsibility for disposing of plastic waste. Reversing waste collection is the goal of EPR - collecting and recycling plastic waste that is no longer useful for consumers.

MYNS is a leading CPCB Approved EPR Service provider in Gujarat. We offer an umbrella of EPR services that provides end-to-end waste management services from EPR registration, collection, sorting segregation, and recycling post-consumer waste.

Why Should You Hire A CPCB Approved EPR Service Provider?

Appointing a CPCB Approved EPR Service provider saves the corporate and industries from paying heavy penalties. Government authorities have stringent laws when it comes to conserving the environment. Companies may also lose their manufacturing license upon not complying with the EPR policies.