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How To Use Contaminated Drums in Ahmedabad ?

Used Plastic Drums Buyer in Ahmedabad

Date : 13th Dec 2022

How To Use Contaminated Drums in Ahmedabad ?

Do you know contaminated drums are not only hazardous to put into further use but they are also dangerous for service staff? As a leading verified Contaminated Drum Buyer in Ahmedabad, we buy contaminated drums from various manufacturing industries. Ours is one of the largest facilities as contaminated Drum Buyers in Ahmedabad. We Buy used or contaminated drums from our clients and thoroughly decontaminate them as per GPCB & CPCB guidelines.

 In our facility, We thoroughly clean every barrel from the inside and remove the dents to make sure its functions are as good as new.

We accept open and closed-mouth barrels with the largest capacity of up to 1000 liters. We also recycle large quantities of metal scrap and plastic scrap as well. Here you will find 2 ways to reuse the drums by having them decontaminated in reliable facility.

1. Sell Used Plastic Drums Buyer in Ahmedabad

Industries like Pharmaceuticals, food processing, cosmetics, textile, paint formulation, beverages industries, petroleum, and oil industry use hazardous chemicals and solvents. According to Rule 9 Under hazardous and other waste 16, There are certain protocols for manufacturers or companies to reuse contaminated drums. Offer it to a decontamination facility approved by the GPCB or CPCB for reconditioning. 

2. Contact GPCB Consent Holder For Drum Decontamination In Ahmedabad

As well-known Contaminated Drum Buyers in Ahmedabad, we are also authorized by both GPCB and CPCB for our decontamination facility. As a prominent waste recycler company, we take care of following guidelines issued by CPCB

  • In order to reuse contaminated drums, two stages of cleaning must be completed, 1. detergent cleaning in hot water, followed by 2. Freshwater cleaning with fixed nozzles arrangement.

  •  In the case of producing plastic granules, there should be two-stage cleaning as specified above followed by shredding. 

  • At MYNS, as a prominent waste management company, we are aware of the horrors of releasing contaminated water in landfills. Thus we use equipment like multi-effect evaporator systems (MEE)

3. Find a Reliable GPCB - Approved Drum Decontamination Facility In Ahmedabad

As a GPCB-approved drum decontamination facility in Ahmedabad,

The decontamination of barrels and IBC tanks is done at our elaborate decontamination facility. We follow Gujarat Pollution Control Board guidelines for decontamination. To establish as a Contaminated Drum Buyers in Ahmedabad


  • We have permission from the board to carry out the drums in our fleet of vehicles to ensure no leakage or waste.

  • We carry out transportation in easily trackable GPS-mounted vehicles.

  • The “HAZARDOUS WASTE” term is displayed on all sides of the vehicle during transportation.

Segregation & Storage And Testing Of Contaminated Drums

  • We separate and store waste based on type and category as authorized Contaminated Drum Buyers in Ahmedabad.

  • Wastes that are flammable, ignitable, reactive, and incompatible are separated into categories and storage bins.

  • The loading and unloading of hazardous waste is supervised by trained and skilled staff.

  • We have sufficient fire prevention procedures in place to safeguard the storage space.

  • We have state-of-the-art machinery, such as a multi-effect evaporator system (MEE).

Why You Must Get in Touch With GPCB Authorized Drum Recycler in Ahmedabad

As GPCB Authorized Contaminated Drum Buyers in Ahmedabad, we make sure we take every safety precaution suggested by higher authority. 

  • For safety concerns, we carry out safety audits regularly.

  • For the hazardous waste stored on-site, our storage sites have emergency response equipment that is adequate and prompt.

  • We take care of Safety precautions for risk assessment, spill management, evacuation, and emergency medical care.

  • For workers' safety, they have access to PPEs and are provided regular training regarding EHS, safety, and operation.

Why Trust MYNS As Prominent Contaminated Drum Buyers in Ahmedabad

We have zero tolerance for any influence on the health of our workforce or any adverse effects on the environment, so we have commissioned and installed the best machinery and equipment at our hazardous waste management facility to assist the decontamination process. We are permitted to hoist any sort of polluted HDPE barrels, MS barrels, containers, carboys, etc. that are contaminated with hazardous waste or chemicals by GPCB and CPCB (Passbook). a facility for empty barrels, containers, and carboys to be decontaminated.

Along with Ahmedabad, we have offices in Vapi and Mumbai too. If you are associated with any manufacturing process and interested in selling your contaminated drums, then MYNS is the most qualified Contaminated Drum Buyer in Ahmedabad. To know more about us contact us or fill out this form

Below is the address of our decontamination facility in Ahmedabad - Plot no. 11 Ambica Industrial Estate, Behind Super Atta Chakki Iyava, Sanand - 382110