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EPR Facility in Gujarat

GPCB Approved EPR Facility in Gujarat

EPR Facility in Gujarat

Protecting our environment is more important now than ever before. Improper management of plastic waste can have catastrophic consequences. MYNS is a leading GPCB approved EPR Agency in Gujarat, known for its recycling programs in large-scale waste generators.

By adhering to EPR standards and demonstrating complete transparency throughout our manufacturing process, our company is committed to making a positive impact on the environment.

Process of

Under plastic waste management regulations, companies utilising plastic packaging are required to register as Producers, Importers, or Brand owners and provide an EPR action plan. This plan should include details on the types and qualities of plastic waste, as well as how the waste will be collected and processed with the help of implementing partners. As a CPCB registered recycler and EPR agency based in Gujarat, we provide top-notch support for the collection and recycling of plastic waste.

During the collection, recycling, transportation, and disposal phases of plastic waste management, the waste is evaluated for quality based on the criteria outlined in the EPR plan. Comprehensive records are kept for each activity, and quarterly filings are submitted. We are the leading EPR service provider in Gujarat, offering a reverse collection mechanism to facilitate the process.

  • The Benefits Of Extended Producer Responsibility

    • As a CPCP approved EPR Agency in Gujarat, we are committed to encouraging the production of environmentally friendly products.
    • Our EPR Facility makes sure to reduce the production of waste in the manufacturing cycle, thus promoting a more sustainable approach.
    • We take End-To-End responsibility for the process of ERP approval.
    • With the help of an ERP Service Provider, you can cut down on your manufacturing cost to an alarming extent.

Why Should You Hire A CPCB Approved EPR Service Provider?

As a CPCB approved EPR Agency based in Gujarat, MYNS can assist you in safely disposing of hazardous waste, streamlining your daily operations, and providing exceptional customer service. By appointing MYNS as your Waste Management Company, you can avoid the risk of heavy penalties imposed by the government for non-compliance with environmental conservation laws. Additionally, companies who fail to comply with EPR policies may lose their manufacturing licence, making it crucial to partner with an experienced and reliable agency like MYNS.

  • EPR Authorization from CPCB
  • GPCB Approved Plastic Waste Recyclers
  • Affordable Rates
  • End To End Waste Management Services
  • Fleet Of Vehicles For Waste Collection
  • Recycling Facilities Of Immense Size
  • Well-Trained Workforce
  • Quick Settlements
  • Expertise In Dealing With Hazardous Materials