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Trusted Drum Decontamination Service Provider in Ahmedabad

Trusted Drum Decontamination Service Provider in Ahmedabad

Drum Decontamination Facility in Gujarat

We have a sophisticated drum decontamination facility for barrels and IBC tanks as a GPCB-approved Drum Decontamination Service Provider Company. Our decontamination procedure follows the Gujarat Pollution Control Board's recommendations. In addition, we are a well-known buyer of polluted drums in Mumbai, Ankleshwar, and Vapi.

Transportation of Decontaminated Drums:

  • The GPCB has given us permission to inspect the drums in our fleet of trucks to make sure there are no leaks or wastes.
  • We transport people and goods in cars equipped with GPS.
  • During transportation, the term "HAZARDOUS WASTE" is visible on every side of the vehicle.

Testing, segregation, and storage of contaminated drums:

  • Based on the type and category of waste, we separate and store it.
  • Wastes that are combustible, ignitable, reactive, and incompatible are separated into categories and storage bins.
  • Before beginning any cleaning process, we meticulously adhere to the compatibility test of contaminated containers.
  • The loading and unloading of hazardous garbage is supervised by a knowledgeable and experienced crew.
  • Our facility is made up of numerous sheds that store various shelters for storing various kinds.
  • We have sufficient fire suppression measures in place to protect the storage space.
  • Modern tools like a multi-effect evaporator system (MEE) are available to us.

The Decontamination Method

Depending on the type of contamination, the complete decontamination procedure is carried out using legal means such hot water, steam, detergent, or solvent.

We conduct two cleaning steps.

  • Utilising surfactants or detergents for chemical cleaning
  • Cleaning in freshwater with the right nozzle configuration
  • When it comes to drums or barrels that have been contaminated with dangerous chemicals, we employ bentonite or other strong absorbents.
  • For decontaminated barrels, containers, and drums, we offer certification from either the customer or a third party.
  • Safety Measures

    • On account of safety, we conduct safety audits at regular intervals.
    • Our Storage sites have adequate & prompt emergency response equipment systems for the hazardous waste stored on-site.
    • Necessary safety precautions for risk assessment, spill management, evacuation, and first aid.
    • For workers' safety, they have access to PPEs and are provided regular training regarding EHS, safety, and operation.

Why Should You Choose MYNS for Drum Decontamination Services?

Choosing MYNS as your Drum Decontamination Service Provider can bring numerous benefits. With our years of experience, state-of-the-art technology, and dedicated team of professionals, we ensure that all your drum decontamination needs are met efficiently and effectively. Our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility ensures that we handle all waste in compliance with government regulations, while our customer-centric approach guarantees exceptional service.

  • Well-Trained Workforce
  • Quick Settlements
  • Expertise In Dealing With Hazardous Materials