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GPCB Approved EPR Facility in Ahmedabad

GPCB Approved EPR Facility in Ahmedabad

EPR Facility in Gujarat

The need to preserve our environment is more than ever. Plastic trash management gone wrong can have disastrous effects. Gujarat's top GPCB-approved EPR Agency, MYNS, is well-known for its recycling initiatives for significant waste producers. Our business is dedicated to having a good effect on the environment by adherence to EPR standards and total openness throughout our manufacturing process.

Process of EPR Agency in Gujarat

Companies that use plastic packaging must register as producers, importers, or brand owners and submit an EPR action plan in accordance with legislation governing the management of plastic waste. The specific types and characteristics of plastic garbage that will be collected and treated with the aid of implementing partners should be covered in this strategy. We offer first-rate assistance for the collecting and recycling of plastic waste as a CPCB registered recycler and EPR agency situated in Ahmedabad.

The quality of the trash is assessed throughout the phases of plastic waste management, including collection, recycling, transportation, and disposal, using the standards stated in the EPR strategy. Each activity is documented in detail, and quarterly filings are made. We are Gujarat's top EPR service provider, and we provide a reverse collection technique to speed up the procedure.

  • The Benefits Of Extended Producer Responsibility

    • As an EPR agency in Gujarat that has received CPCP approval, we are dedicated to promoting the creation of environmentally friendly goods.
    • In order to encourage a more sustainable approach, our EPR Facility makes care to lower the production of trash during the manufacturing cycle.
    • We assume full accountability for the ERP approval procedure.
    • You can drastically lower your production costs with the aid of an ERP service provider.

Why Should You Hire A CPCB Approved EPR Service Provider?

MYNS can help you securely dispose of hazardous waste, streamline your everyday operations, and offer first-rate customer support as a CPCB licensed EPR Agency situated in Gujarat. By choosing MYNS as your waste management provider, you may protect yourself from the possibility of facing severe fines from the government for breaking environmental conservation regulations. Working with a seasoned and dependable organisation like MYNS is essential since businesses may lose their manufacturing licence if they don't adhere to EPR rules.

  • EPR Authorization from CPCB
  • GPCB Approved Plastic Waste Recyclers
  • Affordable Rates
  • End To End Waste Management Services
  • Fleet Of Vehicles For Waste Collection
  • Recycling Facilities Of Immense Size
  • Well-Trained Workforce
  • Quick Settlements
  • Expertise In Dealing With Hazardous Materials